Study Finds Numerous Life-Threatening Injuries, Hospitalizations & Deaths After Gardasil (HPV) Vaccine

By Robert F. Kennedy Jr. February 17, 2018

A new study published in Clinical Rheumatology exposes how vaccine manufacturers used phony placebos in clinical trials to conceal a wide range of devastating risks associated with HPV vaccines. Instead of using genuine inert placebos and comparing health impacts over a number of years, as is required for most new drug approvals, Merck and GlaxoSmithKline spiked their placebos with a neurotoxic aluminum adjuvant and cut observation periods to a matter of months.

Researchers from Mexico’s National Institute of Cardiology pored over 28 studies published through January 2017—16 randomized trials and 12 post-marketing case series—pertaining to the three human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccines currently on the market globally. In their July 2017 peer-reviewed report, the authors, Manuel Martínez-Lavin and Luis Amezcua-Guerra, uncovered evidence of numerous adverse events, including life-threatening injuries, permanent disabilities, hospitalizations and deaths, reported after vaccination with GlaxoSmithKline’s bivalent Cervarix vaccine and Merck’s quadrivalent or nine-valent HPV vaccines (Gardasil and Gardasil 9). Pharmaceutical company scientists routinely dismissed, minimized or concealed those injuries using statistical gimmicks and invalid comparisons designed to diminish their relative significance.

Of the 16 HPV vaccine randomized trials, only two used an inert saline placebo. Ten of the sixteen compared the HPV vaccine against a neurotoxicaluminum adjuvant, and four trials used an already-approved aluminum-containing vaccine as the comparison.

Scientific researchers view double-blind placebo trials as the gold standard for testing new drugs. To minimize bias, investigators randomly assign patients to either a “treatment” group or a “control” (placebo) group and then compare health outcomes. The standard practice is to compare a new drug against a “pharmacologically inert” placebo. To minimize opportunities for bias, neither patients nor researchers know which individuals received the drug and which the placebo. However, in clinical trials of the various HPV vaccines, pharmaceutical researchers avoided this kind of rigor and instead employed sleight-of-hand flimflams to mask the seriousness of vaccine injuries.

Of the 16 HPV vaccine randomized trials, only two used an inert saline placebo. Ten of the sixteen compared the HPV vaccine against a neurotoxic aluminum adjuvant, and four trials used an already-approved aluminum-containing vaccine as the comparison. One does not have to be a scientist to understand that using aluminum-containing placebos is likely to muddy the comparison between the treatment and control groups. Critics of the HPV vaccine have pointed to the aluminum adjuvant as the most likely cause of adverse reactions, and some researchers have questioned the safety of using aluminum adjuvants in vaccines at all, due to their probable role as a contributor to chronic illness. The aluminum-containing placebos appeared to provoke numerous adverse reactions among the presumably unwitting patients who received them, allowing the pharma researchers to mask the cascade of similar adverse reactions among the groups that received the vaccines. Although both placebo and study groups suffered numerous adverse events in these studies, there were minimal differences between the two groups. The similar adverse outcomes in both groups allowed industry researchers and government regulators to claim that the vaccines were perfectly safe, despite manifold disturbing reactions. The Mexican researchers’ meta-review confirms the difficulty of ascertaining vaccine-attributable differences from this mess; the researchers identified only a few indications of “significantly increased systemic adverse events in the HPV vaccine group vs. the control group” across the 16 pre-licensure trials.

The HPV promoters found it more difficult to employ deceptive devices in the 12 post-marketing safety reviews, and the Mexican authors summarize some of the more noteworthy findings. In Spain, they found a ten-fold higher incidence of vaccine-related adverse events following HPV vaccination compared to “other types of vaccines.” In Canada, they found an astonishing one in ten rate of hospital emergency department visits among HPV-vaccinated individuals “within 42 days after immunization.” Still, the industry researchers did what they could to minimize these injuries. The Mexican reviewers criticize the authors of the various post-marketing studies for failing to ask essential questions, to evaluate the many serious adverse events, or to continue reading >>>


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Thomas Williams gives an update on the World Trust

Anna Von Reitz

By Anna Von Reitz


There is a treaty that Trump has deliberately been kept unaware of, but so what? ALL of this is rooted in fraud. If all those making a treaty are factually and actually acting in fraud and within an over-arching matrix of fraud—- you tell me what such a treaty is worth? Why should we care and who will honor it and on what basis? A presumption of honesty among thieves?

This is all preposterous nonsense being offered as an explanation for evidence of vast planetary-wide crime that has played out over many, many generations.

The origins of the crimes committed here did not begin on Earth and the solutions will not come from Earth, either.

For the last sixty years world leaders have been looking at the “heritage of Marduk and his son, Satan, and his grandson, Lucifer” trying to come up with some way to excuse it and explain it away, but when you look at millions of metric tons of gold amassed for no apparent earthly use or reason– what do you say?

Interdimensional beings — renown psychotic criminals who can live for thousands of years- came here to collect souls and steal gold?

Or do you make up other less terrifying stories–of which there have been plenty already? Karen Hudes and Wolfgang Struck, for example. Or now it’s Kim Goguen and Thomas, claiming to own the so-called “umbrella trust”?

Does it matter if they call it the Global Debt Facility, the Global Collateral Accounts, the Unum Sanctum Trust, or Manna World Holdimgs Trust?

The plain fact of the matter is that off-world pirates — thieves and criminals — amassed all these vast storehouses of gold, all these intricate fraud schemes, all these unholy “laws”— Marduk, the Grandfather and original creator of all this is dead, his son, Satan, is bound and will be bound for 1000 years, and grandson, Lucifer, is still at large.

So, there you have it, and along with it, the mind-bending reality that these things that have served as symbols of wealth — gold, silver, etc., are actually in over-supply while millions of people needlessly suffer— and the governments of the world are bankrupt and stymied.

Hello? Helluva party we’ve got going on here….

So that is why we have all these self-professed saviors and “philanthropists” showing up and claiming that they are the long-lost Trustees and Owners– which means the same thing—wanting to begin sharing out the misbegotten wealth back to the people and countries it came from.

It’s a noble enough desire to the extent it is motivated by a desire to end suffering, but all these efforts so far have come with strings attached– and those strings may not be obvious.

This most recent round would have us agree that these entities had a valid claim against us, but they generously released their claim to Donald Trump— when I say, get behind me, Lucifer. You, your Father and your Grandfather have no claim here; this world belongs to the one faithful and true, our righteous redeemer. Not to you.

These beings claim what is not theirs, even to give it away. And what do you have when you receive it, but receive stolen goods?

Any Christian should know better.

I repeat– these troubles did not begin on Earth and the solution to them will not come from Earth, either.

Be patient yet, a little while, and borrow in your heart what you need, for He is gracious and kind and gives you all that you need so long as you ask the true Lord who has fought for you –and do not steal from Him or think you can just do as you please.

We all need to face facts and stop listening to nonsense and excuses and stories of the kind they use to delude children. Such stories may be comforting, may be what you wish to believe, but they are not the truth and they cannot form a foundation for us to go forward.

So– listen to the small, quiet voice and know the truth. This is just another version of what we have already heard and seen.

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Wash, Rinse, Repeat: Florida Parkland HS Shootings

Regular readers of The New Nationalist already know the drill. See Mass Shootings: What a F’ing Coincidence.

How many more times do we have to point out that cell phones or Ipads don’t produce poor quality film (especially the last half), such as those allegedly posted by this student. It is jerky, blurry film of undetermined forms laying on floor. One is conveniently laid behind a podium, with only legs showing. Lots of backs of people’s heads, and we see the standard filming of the floor on the way out. I swear this is the same non-existent camera model used in a dozen wash, rinse, repeat (WRR) psyops. Not much else has emerged from the school.

For the upteenth time in our tiresome coverage of these WRRs a comparable real world example is provided for comparison. Let’s use an older model shall we- how about an Iphone 5S from 2013. You can compare with any model- the result is the same-good quality nicely focused images with a stabilization feature.

The story revolves around an older former student, Nikolas Cruz, age 19 lurking around the high school campus. One individual said that he was a read more >>>

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Rudolf Steiner Describes the Hostile Spiritual Beings Who Feed Off Your Fear and Anxiety

Dylan Charles, Editor
Waking Times

Anxiety, depression, and fear ravage so many today, but few pause to consider that in addition to the material influences in our lives, we may be also under the influence of beings which exist in dimensions outside of our ordinary perception.

But there is much more to reality than what we can see. feel, hear, taste and touch. In fact, an accounting of the matter that makes up the universe reveals that some 73% of it is made up of dark energy, and another 23% is made up of dark matter, neither of which can we see, nor understand. Furthermore, the human eye is only capable of seeing around .0035% of the entire spectrum of electromagnetic (EM) radiation. When we look into the heavens, 96% of it is invisible to us. Include in this the spiritual realms and there is an entire universe of possibilities which exists beyond our five senses.

Very few scientists today are willing to explore metaphysics to examine life beyond ordinary perception in order to make a connection between the seen and the unseen.

Rudolf Steiner, though, one of the most prolific and gifted scientists, philosophers, and esotericists of his time, devoted much of his work to the task of peering behind the veil, sharing his insight into the deeper nature of life and of the world beyond.

Regarding anxiety and depression, Steiner spoke of hostile beings in the spiritual world which influence and feed off of human emotion; a concept flatly rejected by most today. Yet this also analysis holds true for shamans and others who access the spiritual dimensions in order to… Read more >>>

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Service and Taxation

By Anna Von Reitz

Your private earnings are being deliberately mischaracterized as corporate income in order to tax you and make you liable to pay federal income taxes.
As I have said before, the federal government is totally foreign and is supposed to operate only in international jurisdictions.  So when you pay federal taxes you are paying them to a foreign government, as if you were a German paying taxes to France.
Federal services are supposed to be paid for by: (a) our states and (b) by sin taxes on alcohol, tobacco, and firearms and (c) by any special purpose directly apportioned or excise taxes that are truly necessary.
The states have resources and public lands to manage and sell and all that guarantees substantial income, so that they as the actual parties making the contract to receive services from the federal government are supposed to be paying the lion’s share for those services that they would otherwise be expected to provide for themselves.
Above and beyond that, the federal government has the income from alcohol, tobacco, and firearms manufacture and sales.  Such so-called “sin taxes” placed on regulated substances bring in a lot of money to pay for federal services each year.  There are also special excise taxes placed on gasoline and oil purchases, telephone services, natural gas utilities, internet services, pension and insurance plans and international sales of goods and services.
Between the deliberately mis-applied income tax and all these other taxes, the Average American pays between 50 and 60 percent of their earnings every year for services from the federal government corporations, and that is not counting the substantial bite taken out each year by inflation.
Inflation is, in effect, a silent and murderous tax that clicks along no matter where your money is or what it is or is not invested in.
Compare these rates of taxation with the most abused serfs in the Middle Ages who paid the king up to 25% of their gross production every year, and you will see that we have indeed suffered through “great tribulation”— as in paying “tribute” to Caesar.
The income tax is especially onerous.  It was imposed on federal employees as a “privilege tax” to be paid as franchise taxes, supposedly in equitable exchange for the benefits of public employment, and also on federally chartered corporations in exchange for the benefit of incorporation— bankruptcy protection, stockholder asset protection, and so on.
This special tax on federal employees can certainly be seen as unjust, until you realize that these people have knowingly signed up to work for this foreign government and that people are free to accept or reject their offers of employment, warts, enfranchisement, income taxes, and all.
The rest of us, however, who don’t get a federal paycheck and who are not operating as federal franchises, are not now and never have been liable to pay federal income taxes.
Think about it— can France tax a German?  No.
Can a German volunteer to pay a tax to the French government? Sure, if he wants to.
And that is what happened in World War II.  The Territorial United States Congress set up a Victory Tax program by which patriotic Americans could volunteer to have an amount equal to the tax paid by federal employees deducted from their take home pay and put toward the war effort.  We signed up by the millions….. but, even through the Second World War ended in September 1945, the end date on the Victory Tax legislation simply set the end date “as the end of hostilities” and Congress never repealed the legislation nor amended the language.
Using the so-called Cold War as its excuse, the Territorial United States Congress went right on taxing millions of Americans under false pretenses.  Ever since then there has been some kind of euphemistic, specious “war” going on which allows the cretins to claim that there are “ongoing hostilities” that justify continuing to tax Americans under these false pretenses.
Once unsuspecting Americans sign a 1040 under penalty of perjury stating that they are Withholding Agents, other juicy provisions kick in as well.  A “Withholding Agent” is a Warrant Officer in the Queen’s Merchant Marine Service, and you have unwittingly sworn under penalty of perjury that you are one.  You automatically become subject to…
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Singing Plants at Damanhur (video)

This video touches my Soul. I listen to this in bed at night and the music being orchestrated by this plant sends me into a very blissful state of mind. Its pure love.

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The Ra Material and The Secret Space Program

Deus Nexus

By: David Nova| Deus Nexus

deusnexus_100Given the recent passing of Carla Rueckert, the clear channel of the Ra Material, known as The Law of One, and the recent controversial whistleblower testimony concerning multiple Secret Space Programs by Corey “GoodETxSG”, I thought I would pull together some quotes from the Ra Material that deal specifically with the concept and existence of a Secret Military Space Program.

law-of-one-bookThe Ra Material is a collected series of transcripts, of more than 100 sessions, channeled by Carla L. Rueckert (McCarty) in the early 1980s. The series presents commentary and transcripts of dialogue between Don Elkins and Ra, and was published between 1982 and 1998. Many consider these sessions to be some of the most groundbreaking material of it’s kind. Few if any channelers have come close to replicating this level of sophisticated information.

From the transcript, the questioner, Don Elkins was clearly surprised by an unexpected answer to a…

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